Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect! ???

It’s a long road to the race track, and every greyhound needs to use every inch of that road to ensure it has the best chance of racing!

Breeding and early education are key to success, sending a dog without any education from a rearer to a breaker is like letting your children skip primary school… sure, you’ll be ok with the natural high prey drive types, but not all pups are created equal… you need to unlock that drive early and maintain it throughout rearing (primary school), breaking (high school) and pretraining (university), with plenty of teaser training, handling, drag lure, bullring and box work. For me, 0-3 months is the time to unlock the prey drive, this stage is like kindergarten for pups!

Also, just because your pup broke-in with good bad or ugly reports doesn’t mean stuff all, times are a guide at this stage and doesn’t mean your pup will make it to the track or not, it’s way too early to know that.

You only need to worry about if the pup boxed well, chased with its head down, railed up and bit on. If any of these things were a fail, then that’s what you or your pre-trainer MUST work on so that your pup can go to the next level… take your break-in times with a grain of salt, it’s still a looooooong way to the race track from this stage, and your pup still needs to run time on a race track and over a race distance before you really know its true ability or inability!

And if we all can get 90%-95% of our dogs chasing hard on race tracks, then maybe, just maybe the grading system will be overhauled to reward all of those dedicated breeders, owners, educators and trainers, and those many “slow” dogs will actually get to have a career.

So please make sure your pups are getting everything they need from its early days, there’s no time to waste, practice makes perfect! ???✌️