(From just $60 per week depending on how pups you have!) 100m and 60m runs.

The RSK Early Education Program is included in ALL REARING! 



Our course can be utilized at any time between the ages of 3-12 months. It’s also a great pre-breaking course if you just want to use stages 5️⃣-🔟, this will ensure your pup has a far greater chance of breaking-in, and in far less time, saving you money on high breaker fees.

As another option, and for those with older (13+ months) problematic greyhounds, such as non-chasing dogs, this program may get them going. I can modify the course to help fix the specific issue more efficiently, making it more cost effective.

Here’s the 🔟 stage 16 week course 👇

1️⃣ Foundation Training

It’s never too early to start working with pups, the pup in the photo is just 6 weeks old! The idea is to unlock their natural prey drive as early as possible, but without overdoing it, and always rewarded with a small treat and praise.

2️⃣ Prey Drive Promotion

Electronic teaser training. Which will promote the natural prey drive instinct in the dog. My technique is modeled on the same training methods as security/guard dog, and combined with gun dog regimes. I build my own teasers that replicate an animal in distress. Once I get the desired reaction, I then introduce the pup to the bullring and we repeat the sequence, but this time on the arm of the lure.

A successful ‘pass’ is when the dog starts countering, meaning when provoked by means of losing the teaser he/she just won, they re-commit by re-gripping it. In other words, if I go to grab the teaser from its mouth, the greyhound reacts in the mentioned way… counters my actions and/or the resistance on the arm of the bullring lure.

Light bullring work.

3️⃣ Chase Promotion

This is where I simply play ball and frisbee games in an open paddock. This also creates further trust and builds a bond between man and dog. I give treats for every successful retrieve.

A successful ‘pass’ at stage 3 is as simple as 1 chase and retrieve.

This stage is usually carried out in conjunction with stage 2, and is a great way to freshen the mind of any aged dog.

Light bullring work.

4️⃣ Prey Drive Enhancement

Now we want the greyhound to own the prey. I do this by repeating stage 2, but this time I make him earn it. Meaning I now make the dog miss the teaser a few times as it passes his nose. I’ll also pause the movement and only restart when the dog barks or yelps. I do this whilst the dog is restrained, and once I get the right reaction, I make it possible for the dog to grab the teaser.

And once it’s in the dog’s mouth, I gently tug on the attached rope, forcing the countering to kick in. By now the dog will know he needs to secure and immobilize the “prey”. Once I get the dog shows full commitment, I let the greyhound walk away with the teaser (prize). Followed by a treat and praise.

HENRY (ended up breaking-in at Mannings in 19:08 which is flying!)

5️⃣ Prey In Motion – Short Drag Lure Runs

Using the same teaser, but at this stage, I want to unlock the run and chase instinct within the pup, by simulating natural prey running through a field. I do this by conducting short drag lure runs in a field with my electronic teaser. I’ll mix it up a bit and create some zig-zagging as well.

Starter box walkthroughs occur at this stage as well. A small treat for every walkthrough.

6️⃣ Chase Enhancement

This is when I begin serious bullring work. Using the same teaser. The sound of the roller on the rail replicates the same sound at a race track, this then becomes part of the stimuli that primes and triggers the ‘prey drive’ or will to chase. This stays with the dog for life.

Moderate box work. Walkthroughs, backward loading, closing and opening of the door and lid. Followed by treats for staying calm, jumping out and bitting on.

Moderate bullring work.

7️⃣ Prey In Motion – Long Drag Lure Runs

Now that the dog is chasing hard, and knows he’ll be rewarded, it’s time to push him harder, he needs to really earn it.

I kennel all pups throughout their course in a rotation, this helps them adjust to the kennel life later on, but they also get to continue standard rearing in runs when not kennelled.

8️⃣ Competitive Training – Will to win!

Now it’s time to ensure your greyhound only has eyes for the lure, and won’t be a shy type, or worse, a fighter!

Along with the drag lure runs vs 1, I also introduce them to my “Tenacity Tweaker”, basically a large t-section with a teaser either side of the cross section, separated by a fence. The dogs think they’re competing for the same lure, as they pull their lure, the elastic cord fights back, making them want the lure even more.

The drag lure runs will be recorded at this stage, so the owner will get to see their rising star in action!

9️⃣ Advanced Box Work – Pinging The Lids!

By now your pup chases like a demon, and is a well adjusted, balanced lure seeking machine! But we all know races are won and lost at the starting boxes. This is where quick start boxes are critical to getting a dog to ping-out.

Treats are given after each time the dog forces the lids open, chases and grabs and doesn’t let go of the lure, only to eat his treat.

Moderate bullring work. Heavy box work!

🔟 Junior Race Dog

Now I mix it up. With bullring work, including box jump outs, long drag lure work vs 1, sprint lane training and they go and watch some trials at a race track via the trailer. Whilst there, they go through the pre-race routine of walking over the vet table, weighed in, and kennelled for 15-20 mins.

If your dog is at least 11 months old, you can opt to have then hand slipped 1-3 times at Mannings or Ballarat. It’s about a 10-second run, so there’s next to no extra risk.

🔁 With all of the above completed, your pup shouldn’t have a problem at break-in, and will highly unlikely be one of the 30-40% of pups that don’t make the racetrack. The idea is to unlock the full potential of your dog. The natural ability (speed) comes from the breeding, so get that right and use the RSK program to ensure your greyhound makes the track!

WE HAVE A 98% BREAK-IN RATE FOR ALL RSK REARED PUPS!!! (as of 25/8/18) 2 of 125 semi chased but had to be re-broken by RSK 4 months later. 

ℹ️ To recap, you have 3 options with your greyhound;

1: Use the 16-week 10 stage course for best results, regardless of age.
2: Use the 8-week course (stages 5-10) as a minimum, particularly before breaking-in.
3: (Limited time only) Use a modified course specific to your older (13+ mths) greyhound to re-educate. Great for non-chasers or dogs that turn around during trials. Extra $25 if you want to include trials with this option.

Options 1 & 2 includes standard rearing. All pups are fed the same at RSK, butchers beef and kibble, topped off with a human-grade protein powder with added calcium.

💰 ALL THAT FOR JUST $60 per week❗️


🌟🐶🌟 Don’t delay, book your pup(s) in today! The course can be tailored to meet your expectations, younger pups will automatically have the course modified, such as shorter drag lure runs for example.

📶 On this website you’ll find more detailed info, videos, and will take bookings and payments. For now, please contact me via phone, text, Facebook or email.

Troy Scott
Rising Star Kennels – Talbot VIC